This was one of the tougher pieces of glass ive ever had to lay. Due to the fact that I was going to lay both sheets in one day, and I wasnt going to climb around all over one wet one and one dry one, I laid both simultaneously. Not easy, but effective.

Doug -- Use the sheet remnant from the BOTTOM panel as a template for the INSIDE sheets. Makes cutting this to fit a snap!

The bow sucked, not very easy to get everything perfectly tight and dry. Im glad I switched over to the medium speed hardener. It did however get put down and relatively close to a 50/50 resin-glass ratio in most places. The corners, eh, not so much. Little wetter.

Finished product:

The bow overlaps:

From the front showing some of the sexy curves on this boat:

Closer to see the weave:

Today, we start fitting in the guts!


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